Region: Midwest Cannabis Business Conference

Midwest Cannabis Business Conference

SEP. 22-23, 2021
Detroit, MI
Horticultural Scientist
Viridis Laboratories & National AgBio Analytics

Jorge Lerma

Jorge Lerma is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Horticulture. He is the President and founder of National AgBio Analytics, LLC, offering professional horticultural assessment and advising for the cannabis industry. Jorge also serves as the Horticultural Scientist for Viridis Laboratories. Jorge has extensive experience with marijuana and hemp horticulture practices in Michigan and provides guidance and consultative feedback to numerous individuals and companies within the community. Jorge has been instrumental in the writing and implementation of Viridis Laboratories Standard Operating Procedures for field sampling to meet regulatory and licensing requirements for the State of Michigan. Jorge is a LatinX ambassador for the Michigan Chapter of Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana and member of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRR). He also serves as a board member of the NCIA’s State Regulations Committee (SRC).

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