Region: Midwest Cannabis Business Conference

Midwest Cannabis Business Conference

SEP. 22-23, 2021
Detroit, MI
Cannapreneur, Advocate and Consultant
Black Cannabis Access

Mitzi Rudock

Mitzi Ruddock was born and raised in the city of Detroit. Her passion for seeing Detroit-based businesses, families, and individuals flourish in her hometown is evident in every endeavor she has undertaken for the past twenty years. In 1995, she lost her father, a successful Detroit business owner, to cancer at the age of 43. Little did she know this unexpected and tragic loss would fuel her passion in the cannabis industry. In 2014, Mitzi saw an industry emerging and knew it was a MUST for Detroiters to have a big stake in the cannabis industry. Realizing urban communities suffer from a lack of access to knowledge and resources, Mitzi founded Black Cannabis Access (BCA), Pathway 2 Legal. This lead to Mitzi being in the trenches ensuring Detroiter’s receive at least 50% of the Detroit Cannabis industry, eliminating barriers to entry, and creating a pathway to a successful and sustainable cannabis business. She is accomplishing this huge task through Black Cannabis Access and Pathway 2 Legal, conducting community meetings, serving as a panelist and podcast guest whenever and wherever, continuing to tap into personal resources and leading by example. She also recently served as chair of two of five workgroup committees to develop a sustainable social equity program and Adult-use ordinance for the city of Detroit. Black Cannabis Access has assisted well over a hundred Detroit Legacy applicants acquire certifications and obtain fee reductions through Michigan’s Social Equity Plan (SEP). Additionally, BCA has provided direct assistance to help these same applicants advance through the State’s application process for the pre-qualification status and prepare them for Detroit’s Adult-Use application available soon. Through her experience as a grower, delivery service provider, advocate, and promoter, Mitzi is committed to empowering and engaging as many black and brown people in this cannabis movement as she can reach.

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